Building true partnerships through real and meaningful participation and engagement, co-creating organisational effectiveness and growth that delivers value in an ever evolving and changing world


Building connected communities through high levels of ownership and accountability across all levels of the organisation, based on a genuine sense of belonging and aligned citizenship supported by norms, values and best practice

Liberating People

Building enabled and transformed environments through empowered and liberated people contributing and adding optimum value in everything they do

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Our Global Network

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Our consultants maintain a high level of contact with international specialists ensuring that our services and processes remain at the cutting edge of organisational change and competitiveness. Our international (Europe, UK, Middle East, USA) and Southern African experience is regularly updated to assist organisations in leading and managing change and keeping ahead of turbulent competitive times. Over the years we have consolidated our experience into a body of replicable theory and practices that is applied to client companies in implementing and succeeding with the necessary transformation and organisational development required to achieve world-class performance, service and leadership practices.

We too have evolved to become a business that reflects the diverse society we live in and as such call ourselves a South African business for Africa. As a BBBEE business, we endeavour to espouse the Spirit of Africa in all we do and as such are perfectly placed to provide African businesses with insightful and meaningful Co-creation, Citizenry and Liberating services.

Why do top organisations trust ITISA?

Our promise and commitment to our customers is to:

Develop a purpose driven high performance culture in the organisation

Create citizenry, ownership and accountability within and between teams


Enable a leadership culture, language and best practice that cultivates innovation and continuous improvement

Build a meaningful environment that liberates people to achieve greatness

Capture and enable the ‘spirit’ of true citizenry - being a South African and African