Partnering together with our clients we create an environment that encourages collaboration and involvement in support of their organisational Goals and Objectives.



Ensuring alignment and integration of all initiatives and processes, that enhance synergy, focus and high performance.



In a synergistic and coordinated approach we assist our clients in translating their strategy into action thereby ensuring sustainable change, improvements and growth.

Why do top organisations throughout Africa trust ITISA?


We deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients’ unique and specific requirements through customisation and Innovation.

Client Focused

Our competent and reliable team provide best solutions for each and every client, based on their unique requirements.



Our professional approach to service and product quality guarantees our clients a long-term, value adding partnership.

Best Practice

Our well researched cutting edge solutions, together with our credible track record and history ensure our clients effective and sustainable competitive results.

What can ITISA do for your organisation?


Skills development:

The delivery of skills programmes and learnerships with the support of quality assurance processes to ensure effective skills development of your staff to drive transformational leadership and change throughout your organisation.


Strategic planning

Assist with the development of your strategic plans, customer focus, organisational culture, vision and values alignment, staff retention and transformational change management.


Change Management

Capacitating the organisation for change through benchmarking and creating awareness, continuous improvement and Kaizen processes and transformational leadership development.


People Management Strategies

Implementation of performance management, staff retention, talent management and succession planning.


Online solutions

The development of unique online solutions to support your business strategy in the form of a company dashboard and customised eLearning opportunities that drive change.

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